Athlete Podiatry

Podiatrist Centers' Dr. David A. Gerst knows athletes. That's why our practice is the foot care choice for many people who participate in sporting activities. For athletes, keeping a healthy body is crucial for top performance. Whether you’re an elite athlete or a devoted amateur, keeping yourself in shape is not only a matter of physical health; it’s a matter of mental health. Participating in athletic activities helps lower stress and boost happiness.

Dr. Gerst Understands the Needs of Elite Athletes

Every athlete’s body needs a strong foundation. That’s why Dr. Gerst takes pride in helping Chicago athletes maintain their foot health.

Dr. Gerst understands the unique needs of athletes because he is one himself–he’s participated in:

  • College athletics
  • Iron Man Triathalons
  • The Boston Marathon
  • Mountain climbing expeditions

By combining his love of sports and medicine, Dr. Gerst strives to create fun treatment plans for athletes to maintain maximum foot health while enjoying their favorite activities.

Specializing in sports podiatry
services in Chicago, IL

When you perform for the love of the sport, nothing should keep you from getting out onto the field, track, court or road. Don’t let a foot problem get in the way of your best athletic achievements.

Podiatrist Centers enjoys working with athletes of all types and performance levels, including:

  • Professional athletes
  • College athletes
  • High school athletes
  • Competitive amateurs
  • Runners
  • Weekend warriors
  • Athletes over 40

Our goal is to be a part of your winning team

Many sports require a team mentality. Sports medicine professionals are an important part of an athlete’s team. Sports podiatry provides athletes with a member of the team who is focused on a body part that fitness trainers often leave out–the feet.  At Podiatrist Centers, we are ready to work with an athlete, their other medical providers, coaches or trainers to ensure that our patients remain ready to roll.

Are your feet ready to carry you into your next competition? Call Podiatrist Centers today at 773-375-7106 for our Chicago office, or 708-422-4300 to make an appointment at our Evergreen Park office.

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